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Independent Variable & Dependent Variable?

Today i did a lab in my science class called "wooly worm lab" to go with our unit on "natural selection." (im in 10th grade bio we are learning about evolution) During this lab every student represented a predatory bird who feeds on wooly worms. The wooly worms are pieces of colored yarn that have been randomly distributed over an area on the school grounds. Some of the "wooly worms" will blend into the habitat while others will be easy to find. (colors were red, yellow, green, tan, orange, blue) The colored yarn was tallied and anaylized if the wool pieces are collected randomly or by a selection process.
So, after doing this lab im not sure what the indepent variable and dependent variable were? thanks!

* Independent variables answer the question "What do I change?".
* Dependent variables answer the question "What do I observe?".
* Controlled variables answer the question "What do I keep the same?".

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Our Wool Blended Blanket are one of the finest and quality fabrics for blankets you will find all across India. Our wool blended blankets are a perfect blend to add to your collection for added required warmth, but keep extra on hand for boating, concerts, outdoor sporting events and all other cold weather needs.

It is not scratchy. Our soft durable wool blended blanket will keep you warm any time you need extra warmth.

Our Wool Blended Blanket are prepared of high quality and fine wool which enables wool's warmth and natural fireproof properties.

About our company :

Amritsar Swadeshi Textile Corporation Pvt. Ltd. was started in 1957 as a blanket manufacturers and exporters unit in Amritsar. Today it has become one of India's premier organisations in heavy woollen and blanket manufacturers and blanket exporters industry in India. It is a conglomerate of units situated in various parts of the country engaged in the entire spectrum of Woollen Blanket manufacturers and blanket exporters, Fabric and Garment manufacturer right from the basic raw material.

The Woollen plant is one of its kind in India and has the complete facility to convert right from Raw material to Garment without any assistance from external units. The spinning plants cater to the needs of a varied range of products from coarse yarn counts like 2NM to 6Nm for manufacture of Blankets to yarn counts like 6 Nm to 20 Nm for manufacture of fabrics and knitwear alongwith a complete fiber dyeing facility.

With complete in house weaving capacity of 405,000 Meters or 165,000 Blankets / month Amritsar Swadeshi Textile Corporation Pvt. Ltd. has one of the largest woollen blanket and heavy woollen fabric production base in the country. It also has to its strength a Garment manufacturing unit with 194 Juki stitching machines, 223 Singer/Union Special and other special application stitching machines and 27 Overlock and buttoning machines and has a capacity of 40,000 Garments to 50,000 Garments / Month.

The Blanket division is a Woolmark Licensee and has a ISO 9001:2000 Certification for Spinning, Weaving and Finishing of Woollen Blankets , Shawls and Fabrics and is one of the first heavy woollen manufacturer in India to get a complete ISO 9001:2000 certification right from raw material to end product.

For more information click on : http://www.aswm.com/wool-blended-blanket.html

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