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can cut an Arabic word into syllables separated or sense?

I use the word "Sadaka" on a label and the need to split the two items with a logo in the center ... is destroying the meaning of the Arabic word?

Well, it depends, you can use the logo in a manner not put too much separation between the letters of the word, without losing its meaning, as the integration of the logo of the word, or write the word around the logo or something, that the Arabic word صداقة if separated into two syllables, not make sense as if each syllable is used alone! if you have an idea of what you achieve, you can put the link, and then I can be able to give a more precise: D hope that helped: D

Starting a new business is not easy. In addition to all legal requirements, you should ask several questions and their decisions will affect on your results in the long term. Some things you should consider are:

  • What products you offer?
  • What customer segment is white?
  • How many people how much you're willing to pay for your products?
  • What are my competitors do?
  • How will you promote your products? Your brand?

The success and continuity of your business depends on sales, In other words, we need people to buy their products so you can make money.

For this reason, one of the decisions most important to do when starting a business is to choose how to promote not only its products but also its brand.

The options are many people and many probably feel overwhelmed by facing this dilemma, on the other hand, your budget is limited and you have the pressure to start growing your business as soon as possible.

Some options that may be assessed are: marketing Internet, magazines, newspapers, pamphlets and posters. Depending on your goals and your specific market characteristics, one of the few of them can work, however, can be expensive and very difficult for start-ups to pay.

It is in this scenario, I would like to make an alternative cheap but effective that can give results in a very short period of time, personalized vinyl stickers.

No matter what field you are, custom vinyl stickers can help promote your brand. They are easy to customize, fun and very visible. Another idea is to choose custom window decals, which will end up in the windows of the car to his message of "mobile" and more people have seen.

promotional stickers can be used to advertise an event, product launch, a new restaurant or cafe, or if it is brand recognition what you need on presentation of your logo and slogan. The options are endless!

For the label to succeed and achieve his message granted, they need to be memorable and to attract the attention of potential customers. A professional designer can help you choose the right color, the shape and style of the stickers.

For additional advice on creating Custom Vinyl Stickers to promote your brand and products, visit http://www.siennapacific.com manufacturer of custom stickers, labels, decals and bumper stickers.


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