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Ideas for an inexpensive wedding in San Antonio?

I am the Maid of Honor in my best friend's wedding happening in February 2009, I want to help her plan, but I dont know the first thing about what is needed, what to buy, etc. This weekend we are going to go to a few different places to look at bridesmaid's dresses, but Im not really sure where to go to find a great deal. There will be 4 of us total. Also, if anyone has some creative ideas about place settings and decorations that would be awesome as well. Her colors are going to be in the champagne spectrum.Thank you for all your help! =)

i'm all for fake flowers. i got mine from afloral.com
great selection. great prices. cheap shipping.

use bbcrafts.com for cheap ribbon. organza- wired and not
oodles of choices.

since christmas, vday and easter will fall btwn now and he big day... shop the clearance sales.

i was able to score huge after christmas for my sept wedding.
i found votives in glass holders at michaels for $.40 each.
wired ribbon for 75% off- less than $2 a roll w/% off.
found garland and beading to use at 95% off.

depending on her ideas for centerpieces you can make crystal branches, how to at save-on-crafts.com
hang mirrored or sparkly discounted christmas ornaments from them to catch light.
or adhear flowers to the branches for a more springy feel- you can leave the crystals off and use ivy to swag from the branches

look at walmart and other stores that have fabric for clearance sales on sheer fabrics
i happened upon walmart having a half off all their by the yard things. i got oodles of sheer fabric for $.50 a yard.

join your local yahoo freecycle group. post what you are looking for every other week till your get all you need.
i scored a free decorative bird cage for gift cards and envelopes. free ribbon. free baskets and other goodies.

you can post a want ad on craigslist too.

keep eyes out for yard sales. you can find tons of decor for dirt cheap.

if you want favor bags- organza- look at ebay - seller id ideabus- he has the lowest prices out there. i got 200 different color and pattern bags for under $20. he even took out the colors i didn't want and added more of what i did want. he even sent me extras of new patterns that had just arrived.
the ones i didn't need or want after picking what i needed for my guests were given to my mom for her ladies groups/charity groups to use.

also i can hook her up with an awesome lady who does invites super cheap. can match any theme or motif.

oh for dresses- shop clearance sales at macys and jc penneys they have prom dresses that can easily double as bms dresses.


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