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Stretching Your Money: Secrets section of the money to live better with less money

What people out of poverty the wealth they do not. After all this hard work, a pinch of your money, but until President Lincoln weeps tears, even the best of you find the best deals.

Here are 7 tips handpicked by a group of rags to riches true friends who met to discuss their secrets of success. A quiet town that secret place to get rich is that they are negotiating. Whether it be money, time, services, skills or sweat, or the loan rate of people who rise to lines of economic independence

Whether you realize it or not our power bargaining affects almost all areas of your life. It affects our life, our comfort, even relationships. Yes, our bargaining power over key to our success Financial.

You started to negotiate from birth, in some form or fashion. You started your ability to negotiate with their parents (My diaper change, give me a bottle of milk and I'll stop mourning).

Negotiate for life, if we realize it or not. Negotiate for they want and need every day. However, when it comes to getting the best prices on goods and services, most people fear to negotiate. Or rather inefficient, inconvenient or uncomfortable.

The purpose of this chapter is to show how easy to negotiate with more confidence and authority.

Contrary to common belief, negotiation is an art that is easy to learn. This chapter explores the basic techniques, principles and shortcuts used to negotiate almost anything and get the lowest price possible.
To truly live better with less money, it is imperative that at least know the foundations of a successful negotiation.

Because if for no other reason to know how to protect themselves against other good negotiators. Let like it or not, every minute of every day with every human contact, or negotiating position for future negotiations.

Whether you're a husband or wife employee or a contractor, supplier or customer, negotiation is a part of life. You can make your own experience. Stroll through the school yard intermediate and listening to children or trading position themselves for future negotiations.

Look who will play with what and who will play on team whose. Look at their negotiations on toys, balls or swings.
Yes, negotiation is a natural part of life, cradle to grave. Only
understanding of a situation Negotiation is always about to help you better position to advance.

Here are three tips to help you negotiate from a position of strength, not weakness or desperation.

1. To become a negotiator Confidence should do your homework in advance. When the negotiation is successful, both parties win. Every negotiation is give and take. A Win-win is the result with at least two parties to get what they need.

2. To negotiate effectively, you must be prepared to walk if the price or conditions are too high. If you have a product or service, no matter what, you significantly reduce bargaining power.

3. Most sellers that the price a buyer can detect desperation a mile. If to avoid appearing too desperate anxiety, or need the product or service they sell. Otherwise, be prepared to pay high prices, in most cases.

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