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Expert crocheters! How I can connect a scallop edge of a baby blanket?

To give you an idea of my project is 7sq 7sq by Grandma baby blanket squares (49 squares total). Each square has a 1-inch border of white and all are united by the target. There are vertical edges of each side, where it has been the son joined. My colors are white, purple, pink, blue, yellow and green - all pastels. I want to integrate all the colors in the border. Any fun ideas are fast?

Here are some guidelines: http://www.woolcrafting.com/crochet-scallop-edging.html I agree with the previous answer ... use the son of variegated colors to look without change frequently child.

Tips to get rid of weavers Block - Be Inspired!

The temptation of a simple list, I am fighting against laziness and writing instead the kind of close to poetry that inspires weaving, knitting it embodies.

Son inspires the timid, tired and nervous; thread is about colors, combinations of color, the indicator (as in, after knitting a sweater with a thin thread, wool can be a source of inspiration), with "a hiding "- the son of buying when you have money is to have a son when the money runs out, texture, sensuality, and fall, her body clingingness delicious yarny combined to perfection.

knitting exhibitions inspire: there's nothing like see the fabric as carving and weaving to explore all possibilities of the craft. Imagine Wall knitting, weaving web son or pieces of metal shavings paper, a small room full of knitted things.

Patterns and books for inspiration, historical hysteria.

Share with inspiration from other weavers: blogs, web rings, tears, frog, and the challenges of sympathy, celebrations and awards.

Fabric inspires others: charity knitting for the homeless, recovery, grief, the forgotten, gifts for children and grandparents, wives and suitors.

Teaching someone who inspires point: the frustration and patience, trial and error and bent needles, laughter and tears, mending and the additional items that foreigners, who appears out of nowhere. Triumph and resignation.

Luscious pictures of accomplished artists like spinner, weaver, artisan Supreme - brooklyntweed on blogspot.

Fabric for babies, small things so quickly point the finger covered with precious carefully counted and toes, the colors you can use a new-born, tassels and pompoms.

(Do not laugh) for knitting machines - such as television TV to cover ugly, or your mixer or a printer.

Celebrity knitting: Julia Roberts inspires me, like Cameron Diaz.

The men who inspire me. Some years ago I was with friends and travel fell unexpectedly in a family where nobody home. Residents must have left his house quickly, the dough rises and travel across the table and the floor. In the room there were two projects, fabrics knit fisherman in large circular needles.

A busy woman, I thought. In this case, the tissue belonged to their children. What confidence in themselves, young men the value of "united as women."

Historical and / or weaving of literary inspiration - Reading about these revolutionaries like Madame Lafarge "Tale of Two Cities".

And last but not the nature-inspired. What a bronze, salmon pink, orange and purple look amazingly perfect mate? When multiple textures and forms that invite imitation ice, bare branches trees, the grain in a piece of wood, the "star" in an apple in half horizontally, the clouds against a blue sky?

Surrounded by tangle inspired woven fabric, the muse of item should not be silent again!

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