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Could someone interpret my dream for me?

Well, I remember I had this cloth bag filled with white stones on a slightly sand / soil. One of the stones or bag left broken and the stone of a receipt to a failed, but unable to save ... then went down the drain. Then I had a Vespa, Scotora (motor, I think), or a car, I drove in England, maybe ... but there was a pile of bricks brownstone. The road was like the yellow brick brown. The walls were about the same color, and I drove down the narrow streets. It was during the day ... There was a man on a bicycle on a highway steep hill thing ... one and then turned to tell him traffic. (It was a unicycle or tricycle ..) then I agree, I think I woke up. But if someone could Interpretation for me, I really appreciate that ^ ^ Thank you.

It is not enough detail to give a good analysis. But a pleasure, whether on the wall, interpretation .... You lost something precious to you. You travel far to find it again. And if the trip starts easily enough, it becomes a very difficult challenge. How?

How Lawyer € ™ s Help in California bike accident

It goes without saying that a cyclist needs a large amount protection of the release of injury. These injuries often include:

bone â € ¢ Â Â Â break

â € Â ¢ a brain injury a

â € ¢ Â Â Â spinal cord

â € ¢ Â Â Â amputations

A bicycle accident worse, but can lead to wrongful death. For them, a cyclist can get compensation for services a lawyer expert in bicycle accident in California.
If the port and cycling equipment, items not only be sufficient to ensure security, maybe it is time to learn something of the laws applicable to a bicycle accident lawyer.

Basic laws applicable to cyclists

Before embarking on a bike for pleasure, the need to arm themselves with knowledge of applicable laws governing bicycle accidents. Because you can not blame someone for every accident that may occur, you must have proof of the other Party negligence € ™ s keep responsible.

You safety depends not only on devices wear safety, but in their knowledge of laws in cycling. Base which is the principle that under the California Code of the vehicle, a bicyclist has the same rights and provisions on the road the driver of the vehicle.

The following rules are shared by cyclists with other drivers to drive a car, among others:

â € ¢    brakes must be able to wheel slip a Nice level dry cleaning or floor

â € ¢ Â Â Â handlebars should be above your shoulder to take a direction normal to the area hardship

â € ¢ Â Â Â The bicycle must be upright with at least one foot in the ground

â € ¢ Â Â Â During the night, must have a lamp, red reflector on the rear motorcycle go on a white or yellow reflector on each pedal

Also should be aware of their duties by road cyclists, depending on the speed of travel and direction of traffic. If you are traveling in warm weather, stay on the sidewalk or edge of the roadway, so as not to disturb other drivers.

Responsibility in a crash bike accident

Bicycles became a common form of transportation in California, as well as cars. Tourists love to see the light and health enthusiasts to stay in shape.

But cycling depends on human energy, it has a limited capacity, as do humans. Drivers often in a motorized wheel damage or ignore cyclists.

If you believe was injured while riding his bicycle without no fault of their own, but for the negligence of other drivers, you must complete an application for injury. Remember that you're protected under the law and a bicycle accident lawyer in California can help you.

Bicycle-related injury compensation

This lawyer will negotiate with companies insurance for their benefits. He / She may even begin to bodily injury, or even a claim of wrongful death, so will be compensated for good reasons.

By law, you can recover the following damages:

â € ¢ Â Â Â medical bills and health
â € ¢ Â Â Â loss of current and future income

â € ¢ Â Â Â remuneration economic families, if the victim died

For assistance in case of bicycle accident in California, immediately consult a lawyer bike accident before the limitation period forever barred of his claim. It's just a BICYCLE far to protect their right to drive safe.

Our Los Angeles lawyers provide expert legal advice and representation victims of bicycle accidents . Log in to our website for a free case analysis.

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