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How to remove the yellow stain a white cotton shirt?

I have a white cotton shirt that has fallen into the mixture of yellow. I tried in several ways. But the stain is intact. What are the best solvents to remove the stain of white fabrics.

I had excellent results when OxiClean soak in, it does not hurt any fabric, whites or colors. This is what I do for stains, almost any spot in one hour to three days. Dissolve 1 / 2 cup of OxiClean powder in hot water in a bucket or large bowl. Add enough water to soak the item is. Add cold water after OxiClean dissolves when the article should not be in hot water. Soak until the stain disappeared. Each day, cooling water and OxiClean. The drainage of water and make a new mixture. I'm in hair dyes, food stains, grass stains, yellowing of age, dyes under the outstretched arm, also bleeding from other colors (remember to use cold water), to name a few tough stains that can be released!

NBA jerseys â € "Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe No. 24 basketball jersey yellow

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