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Common Mistakes When Decorating Your Child’s Sports Room

Has your child outgrown their pirate or popular super hero theme room?  A sports room is perfect for those who are seeking a theme for their toddler’s room to a young adult.  It has no age limit which makes the purchase of room décor a good investment.

The development of a sports room is much more powerful if associated with a team.  Why? Your son or daughter will take great interest in the team and can begin following the season (or seasons).  The child will feel an association with the team and can enjoy the success of the team. Of course, it always helps if you decorate the room with your favorite team too!

There are common mistakes parents make in decorating the room.  We have highlighted a few common areas to avoid.

Mistake 1:  Not selecting the correct centerpiece for your room

The centerpiece for your room should include the following:

-          Large enough that the accessory is impossible to miss when walking in the room

-          Makes a statement for your team

-          Recognizable picture or logo to the average fan

The 46” Logo Wall Art (C0504) was developed by Fan Creations to be the centerpiece of a room.  The wall art is a cutout of the logo and then painted.  A decorative ring is placed around the logo to accentuate the logo.  As parents, you can sign the back of the wall art and dedicate the piece to your son or daughter.  This heirloom has no age limit – being hung in your child’s room at every stage of their life.

The wall art can be hung above a dresser or bed with the athletic logo being the most visible piece in your child’s room.  The wall art has two U shaped hooks for easy mounting; however, it is very important to use wall anchors or mount on a stud since the wall art piece weighs nearly 23 lbs.

Another option for your centerpiece is the Giant Helmet Art (C0516) or Football Wall Art (C0528).  These are two impressive pieces that use cutouts to create a dimensional and classical look.  They are both similar size as the 46” wall art which makes an impressive display in a room.  The difference in the selection of the giant helmet art and football wall art versus the logo wall art is the focus on a single sport. 



The following are common mistakes in selecting a centerpiece:

  • Be Cautious with Stickers – Large stickers may be 10 - 20% in price less compared to wall art, but do not compare with quality and appearance to the dimensional cut out wall art.  Even though the sticker is marketed as being able to be transferred to a new location, there are many stories of issues.    
  • Too small of size – The centerpiece should create enthusiasm for your child.  There are always limitations based on the size of the wall, but the largest size is recommended for setting the tone of the room. 
  • Underestimating the value of the centerpiece – With a sports room, a quality centerpiece can establish the theme quickly without making a large investment in many accessories. 
  • Purchasing too Juvenile- If you purchase a sports centerpiece that is intended for young children, it will be used for a short period of time.  For a sports theme room, purchase a centerpiece that you would like in your sports room.  The centerpiece can be used for a lifetime.


Mistake 2: Purchase your sports decorations, drapes and bedding before you paint your room team colors

Every team provides all manufactures the official PMS colors (Pantone Matching System) for team colors and logos.  Every manufacturer attempts to match closely with the PMS colors, but there are some variations that are difficult to control.  We strongly recommend obtaining the bedding, centerpiece and any theme furniture before attempting to paint your child’s room a team color.  You want to avoid having drapes or bedding against a wall that has a different variation.  You may choose to paint a wall the secondary team color to avoid problems with matching exactly.

Mistake 3: People don’t save their game tickets, programs, etc. from games

Your child will appreciate keeping those programs and game tickets and other items obtained from a game as they get older.  Purchase an inexpensive frame and create a collage of tickets that you and your child attended over the years.  You can keep adding tickets to the frame every year.  This will provide a great decoration for your child’s room with minimal cost. (Except the cost of going to the games!)  You can also frame a program from a meaningful game.

Mistake 4: Not placing enough attention to your child’s trophies and awards

There are too many times trophies are lost in a child’s room.  Make a special effort in the sports bedroom to find a place in the room that all trophies can be displayed properly.  Your child will be proud of showing off the room and the trophy area.

 Mistake 5: Letting your preference on a team diminish transforming your child’s room to a sports room

There are too many times rooms are not decorated because the family is split on teams.  Can’t you imagine the problems in the state of Alabama when parents are split between Auburn University and University of Alabama?  Don’t let this stop you. You can decorate a room with both teams even though colors clash.  For a centerpiece, look at displaying two 31” wall arts representing both teams rather than one 46” wall art of one team.  Let your son and daughter enjoy both teams.

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