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if you believe that a "southern strategy" for the GOP to pick up the racist vote in the south is real, then?

How explains the change from all the southern states from blue to red in the last 30 years?

It was in the last 30 years. Failover occurred in 1994. 16 years ago. The myth of the "southern strategy" is a story difficult to believe, but this year, two political scientists doubted. In his book "The End of the uniqueness of the South ', Richard Johnston, University of Pennsylvania and Byron Shafer, University of Wisconsin that the transition in southern Democratic Republican was overwhelmingly a matter of race but of economic growth "-cut" To be sure, Shafer says, many whites South strongly opposed liberal Democrats on race. "But when people went to the booths, he said," do not shoot their own fingers. They voted for economic preferences, not preferences Carrera. "" The Nixon and neoconservative strategy South between 1969 and 1974, Nixon â € "Who believed that blacks had reached an agreement in the early United States and wanted to extend a hand of Help: * Implementation of the proposed budget civil rights 800 * percent doubled the budget for black colleges, * has appointed more blacks to federal posts and senior positions than any president, including Lyndon B. * Johnson of Philadelphia approved the imposition of quotas for blacks in the unions, and for scholars black colleges and universities fantasy * "Black Capitalism" (Office of Minority Business Enterprise), has increased purchases of companies U.S. in black $ 9 million to 153 million, increase in small business loans for minorities 1.000 percent, the increase in deposits in U.S. banks percent minority of 4000, * increase in schools in the South, who were ventilated for 10 to 70 percent. U.S. Drafting Civil Rights Commission in 1975, "is only since 1968 that the substantial reduction in racial segregation has occurred in the South. "The burden that we have built our Republican coalition on race is a lie. Nixon routed the left because they had failed to win or end a war that had plunged the United States and too confused or cowardly to denounce protesters burning our cities or golf sweeps campus.

Choose the winners of dogs is something that requires some thought. You need a strategy and stick to it and a good game plan management system / money. There are many systems out there that is new for the win, place, the shape of each category, and Trifecta. I can find the best results come back for one win.

I recommend that the implementation of WIN. BE simply does not pay enough about the dogs. In fact, the favorite often only pay $ 1.04 or $ 1.10 for the place, especially if you are supporting them with prices NSWTAB.

Looking for the best races in which there are 8 holders is that the odds are usually on the ground. See the first three greyhounds are the collection of forecasts when you have three dogs to look their recent form, especially the last three starts. Over the last 3 starts in each of greyhounds only consider whether the greyhound was placed in two of three starts.

If you have more than one greyhound remains after that, then the next want to watch prices. If you have three dogs who qualify then see if you can make a copy of all 3 of them and still make a profit. I have to pay more than $ 3 for this to work. If you can not make a profit, I move the rider strips of medium 3.

If you have only two dogs left becomes much easier and in general can obtain at least even money win and will never be a single benefit.

The best is, however, while still only a greyhound eligible and that's when you can make a decent profit. I used this strategy and the goal of earning $ 100 per night. Once I my $ 100 to leave for the night. Although not always win, like any betting system is long-term gains can be achieved well with this idea.

If you are interested in seeing some of my other systems then visit Greyhound Betting Systems.


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