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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Your Story products and information here meets your needs.

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That means not doing their episodic history?

Ive just read a piece, not episodic story ... What that means.? I would not that some story lines available ... Just jump and skip less important lines, but the funds, which will be moderated ....!!

Write a story or a book.

Since the first cave laughed merrily beat local sabertooth, which were hung. We're wired for stories. It how we learn, remember, our future plot - and how we decide. That is why the Bible is full of parables and children still learn life of the fox and the grapes in Aesop's Fables. When it comes to strangers in the real world of cyberspace is not the story - his history - could be the decisive factor in winning the trust of your website.

You probably have not thought about your website as a narrative, but it is. It is likely that a new site, so directly to the section "About Us" page to know for the real circumstances behind the sleek and attractive images. So does your visitors.

You really exist test

The first thing a good story needs a setting. That means your address, phone, fax, email and any another way to reach you. Whether a farm in Ohio, a store Red Deer, or an office tower in Los Angeles, you win a place in the physical world. Do you have a door with a brass handle and a doormat. Your prospect feels he can harm you if you want. Without this information, the visitor is asked what is hidden. O come to the conclusion that could be a void behind the grand fa├žade.

Character is key

What follows is a story needs characters. Who are these people? the visitor wants to know. Are competent? I do not like? I can trust them? The reveal more about himself - how to begin, how long you've been in business, what their skills, goals and achievements are, how much you care, important parts are introduced into the character of profile of visitors is a mental construct. If they are small and trying to think big, if you have struggled along the way and made mistakes, to be honest this subject. I'll be much more compelling to visitors. His photo and a big smile, adding that also applies to photographs and biographies of the crew. Customers want to deal with a walking, talking, human being sensitive like them, not a faceless Webcasts.


The action, of course, is the story of your product or service - how exciting and the improvements it creates for its customers. It the party is really good. You sell more strongly for the creation of live stage, with the visitors, in which the widget provides a convincing performance in their lives. His credibility is greatly enhanced by other stories, testimonies of Appeal. Disinterested third party characters tell their own meetings with the widget, which gives a frank assessment of his performance, let your prospect to make a decision based on actual experience, the real life. No different from that of our ancestors against the sale of its strategy to survive predators teeth.

Whistle Bang Conclusion

Once the visitor decides to purchase, you must tell the story of how you do business with that customer. Provide an action sequence clear collection order taking, payment, delivery means the guarantee and the support offered later.

Make sure you have your own website is a visual drama flows easily and logically from the introduction until the end. If you tell your story and if none of these fiction, which leads to an end happy - customer satisfaction, sales and success for you.

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Gail Hamilton, author of 25 books, is an experienced copywriter who knows how challenging finding the right words can be. To help everyone write more persuasively, she has provided huge pools of proven-effective, highly targeted language, in thesaurus form, in her latest works, The Marketing Phrase Book, The Fundraiser's Phrase Book and 1001 Ways to Say Thank You.


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