Yudu Screen

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Yudu Screen

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machines like the screen printer Yudu?

I like the idea of Yudu machine, but not the price tag. I really want to print screen of my own material before making a garment, clothing, or even exist. Is there a machine out there Yudu as, but not $ 300 as Yudu? or is there a Easy ways to get professional results without the machine? thanks in advance! He forgot to mention I would be a minimum of 2 m. tissue at a time, so be have a decent size print area.

During the past 15 years, I had a good impression of success yards, shirts and paper, using Gocco printing system in Japan. The system uses flash bulbs, screen printing engraving any image you can photocopy. It is excellent to reduce or enlarge concepts and cut a thin line of Nice. The Blue Machine Gocco was arrested, but you can still find equipment and supplies on the web. A color printing machine View larger image gray, but is expensive. The cheapest system is designed to record blue and print a card the size of the screen, but you can buy screens largest and etch (flash) the larger screen, a section at a time. Then use a squeegee to print. Gocco Some people bypass the system completely and record their screens Thermofax use old machines bought at auction in excess. A source of materials for the Gocco and thermal imaging of other products is Welsh. If I had just started, I would try to trash a Thermofax or try to find someone who is "useful" and see if I could take a kind of heat / light box that takes the place of costly new thermal imagers. By the way, Yudu saw on the web for under $ 200 and is available in JoAnn week of March 1. My shop did a demonstration on the 7th and I am down and take a look. If these solutions are too spendy for you, consider template (do search the web under the paint on fabric, like Japanese or bingata Katazome. It is very detailed.), Or hand painting (taking a line of observation of the hand ancient and wonderful painted skirts of the 1940s / 50 in Mexico.) I've added some pages to fewer references.

The women have done for centuries sticks of lavender to scent your closets of clothes, underwear drawers, chests and cabinets. But also do Gift wonderful scent of lavender! If you want to add a touch of traditional gifts, here's how to make a lavender wand. But be careful ... you'll probably want to keep for yourself!

You need:

13 branches of lavender blossoms

From 40 inches of 1 / 2 inch tape

Now, follow these five easy steps

1. Only 13 long-stemmed flowers fade to lavender to be flexible enough to bend without breaking. Keep the stems together and make sure the flowers do not boot too. Tie ribbon just below the flowers. Leave a tip about 30 inches long, and the other 10 inches long.

2. Take the short end of the tape and pulled down on the flowers, leaving a piece hanging on top. Then take all the rods and fold them and the flowers (so that the flowers are in and the stems are like a cage), collecting at the top.

3. Weave the long end of ribbon through the stems, more or less. You may need to maintain fixation rods to prevent equally spaced. What you get closer Page, housing winding tighter. Click on the flowers of the street or bulk sections of the band.

4. Attach both ends of the band in concert to ensure the stick.

5. Finish the magic wand to cut all the stems uneven, and a knot on top. Or you can Tie a loop of time to hang up (or add more bureaucracy).

Do not be afraid to experiment with different band widths or lengths. With a belt again, you could weave all the way up, secure, and then wrap the tape to the mother and attach all there. In fact, once you know the basics, you can play with tons of different ideas.

That lavender gifts detectors are versatile. You can make several and place them in a basket to home decoration, or used to decorate the outside of his other gifts. If you donate clothing as a present, a lavender wand slide Inside the Box for a fragrant surprise!

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