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Does anyone know what is the symbol of Zig-Zag on the scale is called XY?

I need to know the name of this zig-zag symbol is a scale graphic and can send a link to the website so you can learn more about him. Thanks to the first 10 points to help me and give me the information I need.

If you mean axis of magnitude, then they are "Breaking the lines." It can be shown that enlargement is not the same on both sides of the fault line. Usually used to have a big jump in number and continue using a small scale.

oscillators are now the standard for measuring the speed at which the price fluctuations of currencies over time. The momentum oscillators also available on the strength of the currency prices. On the market today are oscillators as sensors that indicate whether the foreign market is going very well. To understand how fast or how the price reached or dropped for a certain period of time are momentum oscillators, once they are used. That information is represented by a graph showing the two variable in a matter of how they perform them. The oscillator dynamics is also the last price or the price Closing a currency which is under the control and the longest period to set the closing price. This view of market performance specialists foreign aid workers in exchange markets to total trends.

Because of its importance in the market momentum oscillator, even if it has a standard formula differ from time to time because trade patterns also differ. This shows that, although it may fact that the market for about the same, do not make your investment on the basis of these characteristics that the risk is very high due to uncertainties the future, a small thing can change as important information about government plans, all decisions in the drain.

A Another function of the ability of the oscillators at the moment is that it measures the acceleration or deceleration price and not the actual price level or real. This now means that whenever the price of a stock or security is also the same increased pulse rate by the same margin, and if security will increase very quickly, then the momentum will be equal to the increase. Therefore, the conclusion is the pulse rate and price are parallel. The same is true when prices decrease or decreases the momentum also decrease. This rise and fall right now is what is usually tabulated in zigzag format graphic agencies forex trading and in vivo in the floor of the gallery.

In essence, oscillators with the price of security are very subject to supply and demand. If demand for increased security because of some positive aspects the company, the stock price will certainly increase the momentum also increases, this information is broadcast live and everyone can see and we can make a decision then to invest in business or not, shows momentum oscillators also very important in the decision to invest in certain securities or not.

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