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card making embossing powder - metallic or shimmer/sparkle red?

Hi there,
I am currently making some wedding invites where the theme is red and black. I was trying to buy. Metallic red embosing powder. There is a couple about (zing and stampendous, but I'm concerned they won't be the colour I am trying to achieve. I've bought a couple of powders which haven't turned out how I expected. Does anyone know if the colour of either of these when used quite red or is it more purpley or orangey? The colour chart I've seen for these powders shows it as a more pink/purple than actual red which wouldn't work with the theme. I'm trying to find a metallic red or sparkle red in a real red colour. I have purchsed a tinsel red sparkle embossing powder from papermania but as its been used for stamped lettering the effect was to grainy. Thanks in advance for any info or advice.

If you can get to a scrapbooking store, like Archiver's, they usually have the embossing power charts, so you can see the exact shade.


try rich red. and stamp with a pigment ink pad in red by Ranger too.

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