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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Zoo Baby Infant products and information here meets your needs.

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How I can help two birds fallen from its nest? One is wounded. "I can give them something to eat?

They are tiny black and beautiful white birds in August. I can not enter the nest is too high, even with a ladder. What about water? "I can use a baby dropper? It is a sanctuary wildlife near me, but are not open on Mondays! I just want to survive until tomorrow! It is a welcome zoo? HELP! Thank you very much!

If you want to survive just until tomorrow so you can feed them with a syringe, baby bird formula. They can be purchased at a pet store. Heard People also feed them baby food. There is a recipe for dog food or cat food soaked the food I sparrows and starlings. I'll send the link to food. http://www.starlingtalk.com/babycare.htm keep the heat and water for food ". They have enough fluids in the foods that feed them soaked. Good luck.

Help children learn about reading

Why read a book to a baby who still does not know the meaning of a € Word "or word at all? Why sing a child who does not understand your song?

Both activities help children make connections between words and sense. They also help create a warm, safe for children and lead to a lifelong love of reading and learning.

Some parents have learning to read starts with memorizing the alphabet and pronunciation of words, but in reality the fundamentals of reading begin much earlier. The adults lay the foundation for reading every day, when they observe objects and describe what they do while dressing the baby store, with a young child, or cooking with a preschooler.

The most important thing is to learn children about reading becomes an activity that puts children more attention to the adults in their lives. Here are some tips for families who want to help their children make connections between meaning and words.

The babies
â € ¢ Talk or sing to your baby when you change his bed, give him a bath, feed, lunch or join in the game
â € ¢ Introduce cardboard or cloth books with vivid color images. Note for now, your baby may enjoy watching, agitation, or chewing the books you read!
â € ¢ help increase your baby € ™ s vocabulary by playing "What € ™ is it?" or "that: ™ € s teddy bear? where enjoying books together.
â € ¢ Point of words on signs in the park at the zoo, or on foot or by car.
â € ¢ children begin to notice letters on blocks or other toys, name cards for them. Read the words aloud and explain what they mean.

The Toddler
â € ¢ Reading stories before bed makes a good transition between active play and rest time. Young children may ask you read several times their favorites. They can begin to assemble the pictures with words, or complete lack of words, please.
â € ¢ Allow children to "write" shopping lists with you. They may want to watch you sort coupons and participate in other activities in supermarkets.
â € ¢ short trips to new places and talk about what is happening around them. If possible, with respect to similar events in advance and thereafter.
â € ¢ Give children magnetic letters from the refrigerator and begin to spell words and names that young children are placed in them.

â € ¢ Encourage preschoolers to perform the steps of prescriptions written, or read printed labels at the store.
â € ¢ In four or five, children can begin to ask questions about the print they see in books. Books labeled images help children with words and objects more easily.
â € ¢ Play games € card with your photo-child ", but remember, not always played the game at that age!
â € ¢ Provide a variety of materials to encourage children to "play" in the writing and reading € "checks or traffic tickets, menus and greeting cards.

The primary quality child
â € ¢ Continue reading with your child, especially before bedtime, even if she has already learned to read.
â € ¢ Visit the life of the library a regular basis to make books in the ordinary course of the child € ™ s. Teach children to read books and news magazines and enjoyment.
â € ¢ listen to children write stories and jokes or riddles. Encourage them to write their ideas.
â € word games like Scrabble or Boggle ¢ with your child.

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