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How is the trip to Africa Safari at the Wild Animal Kingdom in San Diego?

I'm going to San Diego Zoo and want to go travel in Africa Safari and let me know if it's worth driving in the Kingdom of wildlife. Also, how is it? I have read that it is cheaper if you buy the ticket for the zoo, right?

Not worth it! Recently visited the topic above $ 10 entry fee WAP for 25 minutes. It covers less than half monorail trams before exposing the animals are kept naked (because it just developed) landscaping. Animals still fully populated areas. Drivers stop where each have to return the animals. Wait at least five years, if so, preferably before you use it for a real safari experience!

San Diego with children: a trip to San Diego Zoo

A trip to San Diego Zoo is more than one visit to another attraction, which is a safari that takes you on a life of adventure. Before planning your trip, you can navigate the zoo and get a look at some aspects Featured waiting for you, or you can leave so surprised and pleased that others in their group.

The collection of animals that live here are koalas, giraffes, gorillas silverback, tigers, and of course the king of the jungle often offer a great crash. With more than 800 species of animals to see, this zoo will not no doubt one of the places to visit often. Not only can you enjoy all the wonderful creatures, beautiful botanical gardens are also you can visit it here.

One of the exhibits at the San Diego Zoo is home to some rare giant pandas. You can see these beloved bears in action, but you can learn a lot about them, and other animals by the staff. These bears are absolutely adorable chubby panda everyone joy and with their appearance and antics. Petting Zoo is for customers to visit more than 30 special exhibitions include some of the most unique of all animals. Of course, a mini-farm is included, but the hilarious Dr. Zoolittle will be there to entertain you.

The zoo offers a variety of educational visits and special events throughout the year and private tours are only one of the pleasures that can be included. VIP tours can be arranged and this variety of tours are available for an individual or a group of more than a dozen. These trips will give you the exclusive opportunity to its end, some scenes of the most peculiar creatures wild and wonderful to call home zoo. If you want a chance to feed some animals in their natural habitat, then a Caravan safari is what you want to participate in. The bus travel is open pastures populated by many species of animals and you have the opportunity to feed giraffe or rhino baby. Make sure the camera, as these pictures are not missed.

Education is an important part the zoo and the staff is eager to share their knowledge of wildlife with the guests. Topics include the efforts of wildlife conservation and behavior animals. The managers and guides will welcome you all every opportunity to educate the public about all animals and a pleasure to answer all your questions. If have time to lose, there are even Night at the zoo for children in special moments over the years.

Another wonderful event you can see the Cheetah Run Safari is offered on Saturdays in the San Diego Zoo. It is a moment where you are taken to a special place outdoors where Cheetahs are entitled to a free training. Because these are very fast animals that like to run, the zoo gives them the opportunity to allow continuing a mechanical lure. Felines and love what you and your family may be in the front row to see the enthusiasm that you beat past emotion. Coaches will tell you that this possibility in an exciting fighter and heart exercise caution against the Cheetahs happy. Zoo visitors are happy too, because sharing a sprint with a cheetah is a rare and special treat for San Diego Zoo.

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