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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Zoo Scrapbook products and information here meets your needs.

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Not to mention family / friends, what you like at this point in your life?

Feel free to be as sentimental, or materialistic whatever you want. Here is my list (It is much longer, but I'll just mention a few, for example ..) I Love My ... Race-Animal -Bedroom/Bedding/Bed-Collection Blue in the Garden Pond / Koi fish Wilflife CD I listen at night while sleeping plant-Blue Grass jewelry -Tattoos/Piercings-Vert Mustang 2006 / I planted in the garden Collection of OPI nail polish blue albums NJ conditioning in my room blue rhinestone new collection of Dell Computer stations in Roseanne DVD collection Everybody Loves Raymond Season DVD deep conditioning hair-season move to Fossil Rim (a drive through zoo in which to interact with animals)-Starbucks Frappucino turn machine (strange question I know ..)

- My cat, Tiffany, French manicure and pedicure - my rose-GPS-school Summer has a degree in December - The use of white pearls - back to studies awaiting heart Tiffany - back to Tiffany charm bracelet heart - Chanel / LV / coach bags - strawberry picking - ROSE - my plate - I've lost 60 pounds since last June - see the days of our lives / American Idol / Project track / hills - Pink MP3 Player stoned - long hot showers - outside of those rare days - teach my students to draw pictures for me - Reading for pleasure Instead of reading for school - my comfortable bed - is Dunkin Donuts card (lol) - belly-laughs at the wrong


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