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Does anyone know what punch and bind is?

I know punch and bind is a type of book binding but can anyone tell me how it works, its advantages etc.

Ive used wikipedia but that isnt enough

please help 🙂

Some of the most popular are:

The Zutter Bind-it-all (uses o-wires, I think this looks the most professional) I have this personally and *LOVE* it. It can punch through cardstock, transparencies, thin metal, thin wood, cork, Chipboard, etc. You can make just about any size book your heart desires. I have found it fun to get cute little paper pads at the dollar section and just add personalized covers to make tablets/journals for gifts to friends. It is also great to make calendars, since the bindings allow for easily hanging and turning the month pages on the calendar. This particular machine is even easy for someone with arthritis to use.... http://www.binditall.com/

The 7Gypsies Binderie (uses metal rings)... http://www.sevengypsies.com/ideas.html

Then there is your basic office GBC binding (uses those plastic comb bindings) that you can buy a machine for at your local office supply store or have done at a local print shop or copy shop that does basic "bindery" services. ...

You also have the more expensive Spiral binding (plastice coils that are fed along one edge of all your pages to create a binding) option, but those are usually services not done in a home. You have to take your book pages to a shop with bindery services and have it done there.

There is a cheaper Velobind (a plastic binding with spikes that are set along holes in the edge of your book and heat sealed with another piece of plastic on the back.) option that you can have done as well. You have the Velobind option done at a local print shop or copy shop that does basic "bindery" services ... or get almost the same look by getting a cheap presentation kit (no holes, no glue, just a flat plastic binding that holds the pages together) in the school supplies section at your local Target or Walmart.

Hope that helps!


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